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​​This is what you practice sketch of snowboard bindings.

Software is Adobe Illustrator and Alias sketch.




It is the design which kept the two face in using the half mirror.

It appears the appear to be disguised as a metallic object, and emit light in a dark space to show through.

It is low heat in the LED using the reflector. It is can change the impression by putting assertiveness.

the top edge light in the acrylic.

Configure with artificial flowers, and impregnated aroma oil, which was subjected to rendition of the fragrance.

Exhibition at ABCafe in Kichijoji


​​Was modeled using a 3D voxel modeling software called free form this. Sense, such as sharpen while touching the one in the screen can you experience not to other software.

Chair mid century

​​I was produced in 3D modeling software called Elias studio this.
It is a work to go the laminated surface of surface modeling.
It was produced with the utmost attention to the continuity of the curved surface and reflection of light to severe.


surface modeling in software alias studio.


Footwear sketch
Fashion from the feet. This is a sketch that was studied styling preceding image.
Rough sketch of the car

​​Things like graffiti.

Styling of the device

Able to grab. And expand the idea of modeling Staring to encourage it.

Ceramic speakers for iPod

The use of a ceramic speaker, it is possible to play the sound by changing the speakers widespread environments. 

It is part of a device for the case of package also resonate the sound. 

Reborn wall or table, paper packs, and cans, everything has changed in a characteristic sound.


Exhibition at ABCafe in Kichijoji.

Jog dial button device

The device by dialing system and grip to move from front to back and side to side. 

It is equipped with LED, the use of the reflector structure. 

Sketch of the amusement device to hold a single interface a plurality of functions.


Styling study Logitech mouse

I went to practice surface modeling using the alias studio. 

The plan tertiary curved surface with less surface configuration.

Head lamp study

Self-produced challenge you make in order to learn how to operate the studio alias.

telephone instrument study

The handset on top of the handset.

Handset is designed so that is a phone icon.

snow board boots

Boots design pants hem is not dirty.

Idea deployment.
iPad sketch work.

foot wear sketch

study design sketches drawn by iPad.
I was fused a sporty element to the old school design classic.
adjust the fit with one-touch operation.


snow board boots / PUMP FURY

in process.
under construction.


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