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concept "as a person."-diamond of the future-

bakeshop Turquoise

smile whipper


​coma logo design ( hair design brand )
Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

coma project web site

MAGIA 株式会社 

M, A, G, I, A, respectively Symbols constituting one stereo.

KiSho logo design
48-18, Nakajuku, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 173-0005, Japan

KiSho 〜SAGA style yakitori〜facebook page

INTERIOR design 
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hair Orang / Business card design
hair Orang / Business card design
MARUYAMA HIROMI / logo & Business card design
SPICY CHOCOLATE  /  23rd anniversary sticker
Digger jacket design / Snow Park OzeTokura

It is the design of a specific angle is configured as an accent throughout the character. 

The angle that can sharpen the plunge in snow vertically tools such as the dragonfly called shaper or Reiki essential to Digger. 

characterize the letter DIGGER it, entwined in the design implications. stencil style is also a feature of the sponsor ROME SDS. 

Tokyo Funk Cruise
ITT / logo design & branding
web site
The turning point
Soul Beat Expression

These are the parody of the magazine. 

I am directed to a fellow inside. It is a design to a little fun a commemorative photo of the day-to-day.

TEN CAMP 2014 / by STEP7
charaBQ LOGO design


Barbecue noisy fun with everyone by passing the music. 

T-shirt images notification image that was used in that event. 

It is not made ​​only to the image in practice....Inspiration is the label of Heineken.



Snowboard team. Team clothing of All Stars. I have come to be able by the evolution of technology in recent years, as a fashion fun of the snow mountain jacket, such as the more casual and everyday wear. 

This iconic design of the trend. In other words, Parker is a normal ...

INFLUENCE /  Tomohiko Kenbo's start-up brand

Pending restart to see the current situation. I'm aiming to apparel line of snowboarders.

YUKIBANCHO / web site banner (for mobile phone)
Map of the heart toward myself / Notification image

Map of the heart toward myself.  This site This is "my own".  Yet business card instead, it is sign. 

This sign inside of my head by recording what came my look, what representation 

It aims to third parties, to communicate more easily.  Text of the site are all in English. "Character is good, rather than read." 

It means such.  It is a fortune when you are given the impression of a little to see, to feel, to and enjoyed.

UG001 logo design / flower of life

Golden ratio, geometry graphics, Flower of Life, the seed of life.

New layout study of the original logo.

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