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This is a video that I have produced.
Design characteristics is still low, but I produce enjoying a range of hobby.

Seya's wedding party
Opening movie

Produced by connecting the images of various artists. Combining caricature illustrations of bride and groom as animation.

Snow park OzeTokura Diggers shred 13~14 

Yukibancho park  /  Digger crew  /  Area51s  /  ROME SDS  /  WOW  /  Snow park OzeTokura

[‎drowing] ​
Footwear design -idea sketch-

Rough sketch drawn by the iPad. All are drawn with the index finger.


Introducing the messages that are posted radio program of mystery becomes basic. 

Mystery is Tokiakasa to bring programs to advance. This radio program is whether the What on earth? 

I give temporary such as "dream" to the bride and groom Heart warming short movie! 


respect Syd Mead

It was produced with all my respect the will of and respect for the Syd Mead of designer who produced the TRON, the designer in the very many inherited the DNA is this video.

Wedding entertainment video.
The Man planning

Be tested chivalrous spirit of the groom, "the Man plan". It is struck by a waterfall, and eats a strange thing, to do a bungee jump. Groom How can clear the problem really!

Wedding entertainment video.
Telephone Shocking

To surprise the groom, is famous idol group that appeared in the introduction and Mabudachi and teacher, elementary school teacher of the groom, junior high, high school? Show off on stage dancing in idle appearance of the second half and this video in the ceremony.

Splash contest in Gala
Katteni to ride

In the network of contacts that led Snowboard common in the "s-wear", let snowboarding gathered together! And, planning held.

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